Our Work

What is Project Management?

The term "Project Management" indicates different things to different people. At Roeder Consulting project management is the holistic set of technical, business, and interpersonal skills required to get project work done. Project work is temporary in nature, typically with constraints such as a set timeline, budget or scope. Most project management firms focus on the technical aspects of project management: software programs, processes, documentation, and so on. Roeder Consulting, instead, focuses on people. We are leading the industry to adopt a balanced approach to project management and organizational change that harmonizes business acumen, change-specific interpersonal skills, and technical processes and templates. We call our approach A Sixth Sense for Project Management® and it's changing the way the world thinks about project management.

Who We Are

Roeder Consulting drives positive change by helping organizations prioritize and manage strategic projects. We are a full-service strategic change management and project management consulting and training firm located in Cleveland, Ohio. From Fortune 500 clients to mid-size companies, Roeder Consulting provides effective solutions for managing change. Since our founding in 2001, we have helped clients with their important change initiatives, resulting in increased revenues, efficiencies and/or profitability. Our successful track record speaks for itself.

We’ve taken some of the specific tools and skills that we use in strategy implementation consulting and adapted and packaged them as training offerings for other change agents, most often for professional project managers. We have a regionally diverse network of experienced consultants, speaker-trainers and marketing associates.

Who We Work With

Roeder Consulting works with global organizations and highly motivated mid-sized organizations. Our project and program management capabilities are applicable to most businesses from heavy industrial equipment manufacturing to specialty retail. And our Sixth Sense people skills training is applicable to and effective for all change agents and change leaders, regardless of experience level.

We enjoy strong relationships with many Project Management Institute (PMI) chapters in North America, and often deliver training to project managers via these partners. We are not just experts in teaching skills to project managers. We are leaders in taking our understanding of how people communicate, learn, adapt, change and succeed and apply it in project settings. There’s a science to project success.