Roeder Consulting in the news ...

Due to our expertise in the field of project management consulting and our development of the original Sixth Sense for Project Management framework, Roeder Consulting has been quoted and cited a number of times in notable journals. Some of the more recent and significant of these articles are:


On Airplanes, Personal Space is a Vanishing Commodity
October 2018 - Washington Post Columnist Christopher Elliott quotes Tres Roeder. 

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How to Get Published featuring Tres Roeder
August 2018 - Prominent book blogger Cathy Stucker interviews Tres Roeder. 


Six Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job
July 2018 - Fast Company quotes Tres Roeder. 


Nine Ways to Lose your Presentation Audience
July 2018 - The Enterprisers Project, a joint venture between Harvard Business Review and Red Hat, quotes Tres Roeder.  


When the Boss Gives You One Project Too Many
January 2012 - The New York Times


Firms Face Hurdles Overseas
August 2011 - The Wall Street Journal