Our assessments fit neatly into the Roeder Consulting philosophy of creating an enterprise-wide ecosystem for project success. A strong understanding of both your own and your teams’ strengths and challenges is an instrumental first step in instigating positive change. Project managers and stakeholders can take our assessments alone to prepare for a new change effort, or they can bundle the assessment with Roeder Consulting’s other customizable services, such as training and consulting. Having your assessment results at the start of a new project or change, and then allowing that information to guide the design and implementation, will help ensure your processes are self-aware, holistic, and done right the first time.

New: Six Disciplines Assessment

Roeder Consulting’s Six Disciplines Assessment is a one-of-a-kind experience of self-exploration and self-improvement. Our tool analyzes your level of mastery within the six essential skillsets for project and change management.  Personalized step-by-step guidance and exercises are provided within your results. A broader look at how to improve in all six disciplines, and the importance of each, can be found in Tres Roeder’s book, A Sixth Sense for Project Management®.

While transformative on its own, we want to ensure you’re as satisfied with our product as we are. At no additional cost, you can use the assessment as a kickoff point for a dialogue with a Roeder Consulting professional about your personal workstyle. Together, you can discuss how your results translate into the real world, clarify your personal strengths, and walk through any areas to consider for growth. 

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