Client Case Study: From Chaos to Confidence

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Client Case Study: From Chaos To Confidence

Project Management Isn't Just For IT.

Roeder Consulting recently worked with a large, privately-held consumer products company in Cleveland, Ohio. The organization had expanded rapidly. In order to keep up with their own successes, C-Level executives recognized a need to introduce a comprehensive project approach and to increase the focus on strategic projects. These changes would allow them to adjust quickly to market changes and to accomplish their most important strategic goals. The organization did a lot of things well, but wanted to narrow their focus to accomplish just a few things on an expert level. They were able to increase their focus by reaching out to Roeder Consulting and increasing their Project Management Maturity Level.

But implementing sustainable project management practices is easier said than done. To give the organization a strong foundation in project management that would last after we left, we worked with the client to:

  • Train over 100 team members in our Balanced Approach
  • Develop a strategic framework for project effort/impact
  • Create standard processes, forms, and templates
  • Introduce a common project management language

Where Are They Now?
Today, this client has a functioning, autonomous Project Management Office. Team members at all levels adapt more quickly to change. The organization saves money and time, as their projects operate more efficiently, with a reduced resource demand on any given project. Employees feel more invested and confident in their roles.

Engagement details:
Client resources: > 100 people at all levels, including those trained
Roeder resources: 1-4 people, depending on the sub-project
Engagement duration: approximately 2 years