Client Case Study: Strengthening the Strong

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Client Case Study: Strengthening the Strong

One day we received a call from a Fortune 50 global conglomerate. In order to stay competitive in cross-cultural and rapidly changing workplaces, they wanted to train their top 100 IT managers from around the world. After finding us online and talking extensively to ensure we were the right fit, they brought one of our trainers to Crotonville, where we led a half-day, interactive workshop in international project manageent. Our relationship with the client quickly progressed into semi-annual training days for several years.

Our firm stood out as a prospective trainer for two reasons. The first was our expertise. Roeder Consulting is at the cross-roads of project management, interpersonal skills, and international context, and has an outstanding record of providing competent trainers. We are highly renowned for our ability to compact a vast amount of information into a digestible, impactful day of training. But in such a comeptitive industry and organization, that wouldn't be enough. Our client also needed a trainer who would be a good cultural fit. Their training participants were a group of exceptional managers: all smart, insightful people with decisive questions. They were energized by a good challenge, and any incoming trainer needed to thrive in their culture.

Roeder Consulting exceeded the client' standard. Our client especially liked our philosophy of “teaching them how to fish”. As trainers and consultants, we don’t believe it’s beneficial for either party if our clients are dependent on us. In fact, one of the ways we measure success is the client continuing to employ our processes after the engagement ends. As with all of our clients, we provided tools and frameworks to enhance management's abilities, emphasized the importance of science-backed Sixth Sense interpersonal skills, and incorporated content from Tres Roeder’s books, Managing Project Stakeholders and A Sixth Sense for Project Management.

Where are they now?
Our training earned highly positive feedback from the people who attended. It armed them with the tools they need to reach their highest potential as managers of complex, international projects. With each training session, they became better equipped to manage cross-functional teams, thrive with a changing and evolving project scope, and better manage stakeholders from all over the world.

Engagement details 
Client resources: > 500 IT executives were trained 
Roeder resources: 1
Engagement duration: several years