Client Case Study: Winning Hearts and Minds

Roeder Consulting recently worked with one of the top 15 largest banks in the country (as ranked by the Federal Reserve). We helped ensure organizational change went smoothly as the bank launched their first mobile app and completely remodeled their website to match. This included getting buy-in from the “hearts and minds” of not only their customers, but team members on all levels.

We had the expertise to focus on our time-tested and science-backed framework for earning buy-in. We used our knowledge of the psychology and physiology of change to help ensure change happened with the team and customers, and not to them. While the client flew the plane of the project, so to speak, Roeder Consulting stepped out onto the wing and conducted maintenance on the plane’s engine.

While they were lots of different opinions on what should be done and lots of moving pieces to navigate, Roeder Consulting helped ensure the platform was launched on time and under budget. The number of calls to the customer support center was much lower than expected. And the web and mobile platforms are a big part of what allows them to maintain a competitive advantage today.


The platform is used by over 900,000 customers online and on mobile. It received positive reviews from customer and staff. The modern look and feel makes it easier for customers to navigate, and customer support is able to streamline their help. Based on the success of the project, Roeder Consulting was even brought back in to do other work.


Client resources: > 75 resources from a wide range of departments
Roeder Consulting resources: 3
Engagement duration: 6 months