Along with managing individual projects to help your company achieve its goals, we have the capability to push an entire portfolio of initiatives within an organization to ensure large scale and lasting change. Using our 0 to 5 scale of Project Management Maturity, we begin by assessing an organization’s stage of development before creating a tailored plan that will bring the group from its current status to the desired degree of project management maturity.

Our Mentality

Our view of a company’s operations starts at the broadest level and works down to the absolute smallest moving parts; although the organization as a whole may outsize any of its individual projects, it is the combination of these pieces that create the machine as a whole. As such, we take care to analyze even the smallest details of any task before moving forward with a company’s goals.

Up and Down the Chain


At Roeder Consulting, we have the experience and resources to handle operations at any level of an organization’s management chain; whether a company needs to see a small project from start to finish, or intends to reshuffle its entire structure and mission, our Project Management Professionals can get the job done using a mix of unique expertise and cutting-edge technologies.