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Based on decades of experience in project management, we have developed a unique, highly effective approach to managing projects large and small. We consider all aspects of a business, including quantitative data, organizational structure, and the human factors. We call this strategy “The Balanced Approach” including three equally important, interdependent factors:


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Technical Knowledge

Using an arsenal of project management technology and a solid foundation of experience in strategy consulting, we analyze a company’s strengths and weaknesses in order to structure a plan for moving forward.


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Artificial Intelligence


Strategic Project Planning


Technological Expertise


Office Setup

Business Acumen

At Roeder Consulting, we work hard to ensure we understand an organization’s value drivers, cost drivers, and goals, so the result of our project management efforts is lasting competitive advantage


Troubled Project Recovery


Megaproject Management


Project Management Methodologies


PMIAA Expertise

Sixth Sense Skill

We strive to understand the existing interpersonal, communications, and cultural patterns within a company, and work with the corporate culture instead of against it. All stakeholder groups are included and listened to during our process, ensuring full alignment and buy-in from all.


Stakeholder Management


Competitive Advantage Cultivation


People Skills Development


International Project Management

As an industry leader in project management and stakeholder relationship-building, Roeder Consulting is the creator of a number of original works on effective project management.

A Sixth Sense for Project Management

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Managing Project Stakeholders

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