Levels of Project Management Maturity

At Roeder Consulting, we define project management maturity to be "the degree to which your organization can convert its strategic ideas into outcomes." Not only is this helpful in creating a picture of your company's unique identity, but it also gives us an idea of what realistic goals we can set for the project you have in mind.

Factors that Determine PM Maturity

In order to accurately determine where our clients fall along the Project Management Maturity spectrum, we consider a variety of holistic factors that point towards an organization's level of development. Between these five scales, we are able to create a vision for where the business currently is and where it has the potential to be.

Strategic Alignment

How well processes incorporate feedback from outcomes


The degree to which the company knows of and supports the project

Project Management Skill Level

A measurement of individual PM skills by the standards of our original framework

Tracking and Reporting

The thoroughness of an organization's record keeping


The extent to which an organization is standardized in processes, templates, and languages