An Outside Perspective Offers Deeper Awareness

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An Outside Perspective Offers Deeper Awareness

Roeder Consulting implements effective ways to communicate.

Roeder Consulting was working with a billion-dollar B2B company. During the engagement, we were told we needed to meet with the CEO. Several people in the organization took it upon themselves to warn us that the CEO was notorious for having a difficult personality. We were told to prepare to be challenged with many detailed questions about the projects.

When we arrived at the meeting, however, the CEO was very pleasant. He shared that one of his biggest frustrations with his organization’s project management was the lack of an early warning system.

The CEO had a very different perspective than the team members. He shared an experience about when he needed to explain to a board of directors that his team was behind schedule and over budget . Unfortunately,  he had just found out about  the problems a few days before the board meeting. If he had been informed of the  problems when they initially arose weeks before, there were many routes he could have taken to fix the issues , enabling him to  share  more positive information at the board meeting.

It made sense that the CEO regularly asked his team extremely detailed, “difficult” questions – he wanted to be appropriately kept in-the-loop, and didn’t know another way to get that information.

Roeder Consulting was able to increase the organization's overall awareness by bolstering communication between the CEO and team members. We implemented templates and a standard process for meetings between team members and executives that included a standardized way to proactively bring up problems and potential solutions. Communications were improved, and the organization was able to openly talk about, and thereby minimize, risk.