Managing Project Stakeholders (up to 10 PDUs)

Our best selling book about the keys to project management success

Managing Project Stakeholders    (up to 10 PDUs)

Why do some project managers achieve their project goals while others fail? Drawing on his years of experience as a recognized global expert on project management and organizational change, author Tres Roeder answers that question, and lays out a proven path to project success.

Focusing on the major differences between project management and other types of management—not least of them being the temporary nature of projects versus the repetitive nature of most managerial tasks—Roeder describes best practices in all key areas of managing project stakeholders.

  • A recognized global expert on project management provides the foundational elements required for project management success
  • Contributes toward the fulfillment of the continuing education required every three years to maintain PMP accreditation
  • Uses real-world scenarios and relevant case studies to present project management concepts to beginning and intermediate PMPs
  • Contains chapters on Leadership, Buy In, and Negotiation for more advanced project managers

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