Six Disciplines Assessment

Six Disciplines Assessment

Roeder Consulting’s Six Disciplines Assessment analyzes your level of mastery within six essential skillsets for project and change management. 

The Breakdown:

Length: 36 statements
Duration: 20-30 minutes
Answer format: All responses are on a scale of 1-5 to determine how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement.
Platform: The assessment can be completed on a desktop or mobile device.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will be able to:
• View your personal skill levels in the six research-backed disciplines essential for project success*
• Determine your greatest strengths among the Six Disciplines and how you bring value to your team
• Discern where you have room to grow, and the read about the scientifically proven benefits to be gained from building up those skills
• Access a variety of activities and exercises you can implement into your personal and professional life to increase your abilities in the Six Disciplines
• Speak with a project management professional to answer any questions about your results** at no extra charge

Take the assessment and see for yourself. Call us for flexible group discount coupons.

*So as to not bias results, the Six Disciplines will be revealed after the assessment is taken
**Free with any assessment purchase, participants have the option of scheduling a 30 minute phone call with a Roeder Consulting professional to gain a deeper understanding of their results.

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