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Our Approach

Whether you call it change implementation, business strategy execution, project management or something else,  our work is always about implementing organizational change. We take the time to get to know your needs, the future direction of your organization, and the concerns of the team involved. Using organizational data to analyze your project management fundamentals, we take a holistic approach to understanding your business’s current level of maturity. How exactly do we do this? Read Roeder Consulting’s whitepaper for more information.

Roeder Consulting has developed proprietary frameworks, including A Sixth Sense for Project Management, which our project management consultants utilize to ensure client success. Our experience in corporate change leadership allows us to understand our clients on a personal level and help them push their businesses in a positive direction.


Strategic and Interpersonal Expertise

Future-proofing through Artificial Intelligence (AI)
In order to ensure that a project has long-lasting impact and will continue to benefit the business going forward, successful project management must include ample preparation for and anticipation of the future. By analyzing your business in the context of the larger industry environment, we can help to ready your company for the uncertainty of future conditions via cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology. 

Impact of the Federal Program Management Improvement Accountability Act (PMIAA)
The PMIAA is a model now used by government projects that largely emulates the project management structure that the PMI has long found useful in private enterprise. Our deep knowledge of and strict adherence to PMIAA and PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guidelines allows us to represent our clients efficiently while adhering to the highest legal and ethical standards 100% of the time.

Project Management Methodologies, such as PMI, Agile, RUP, and Waterfall
Effective project management professionals know that each business and project is unique and may therefore require a wide range of solutions. As such, we employ a variety of corporate change theories to ensure that every single one of our clients is satisfied with the end result of their project.

Project Management Office (PMO) Setup and Tuning
With the development of change in business comes the need for structural support that will help this change come into fruition - this may include employee training, new offices, and even new organizational strategies. With the unique needs and goals of each client in mind, we can advise and assist our clients in setting up the proper infrastructure to create lasting, successful change.

Troubled Project/Program Recovery
When things begin to go wrong, business project troubleshooting is often necessary in order to save the time and money that a company has invested into creating positive change. Our experienced project management professionals can provide the necessary help to turn a struggling effort around and get your company back on track.

Strategic Project/Program Planning and Kickoff
Arguably the most important stage in effective project management is the preparation phase, where the gears are put in place that will soon need to start the business in the right direction. Knowing where to start is crucial to implementing positive and lasting change - our experience in successful project planning can give your business the foundation that it needs to shift into a better and more efficient environment.

Project Stakeholder Management
Change in the workplace involves cooperation with those involved in the project plus a number of external groups of people who care about and will be affected by the change. Using our time-tested project management software, we will assist you in keeping as many people satisfied as possible throughout the process .

International Project Management
Strategically directing shifts in an international organization requires a unique set of project management skills including the ability to bridge cultural gaps and work across time zones. Our PMPs have the experience necessary to help these projects go smoothly and even use international corporate change as an advantage.

Managing Risks and Complexity in Megaprojects
As an organization’s operations grow in size, so do the complexities of company-wide shifts. Our time-tested strategies are adjustable along a scale of project management maturity that allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to benefit from our consultancy.

Building Competitive Advantage with Project Management
Part of our strategic focus rests on the identification of a business’s strengths and weaknesses; by highlighting a company’s strong points and mitigating its shortcomings, we can help to create lasting market-wide advantages for our clients that will give them the competitive edge.

People Skills relating to Project Management (Earning Buy In, Managing Virtual Teams, Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Dynamic Leadership Skills, 360 Awareness, Dynamic Leadership Skills, Changing Behavior)
Project directors with effective leadership skills understand the importance of dealing with people amidst the ever-changing environment of a business strategy shift. Our project management experts have the background knowledge and sixth sense awareness necessary to create a positive force for stakeholder unification as your organization undergoes forward-thinking change.


Technological Expertise

Not only are the PMPs at Roeder Consulting the pioneers of project management software such as our A Sixth Sense for Project Management® Assessment, but we also work hard to stay updated in our use of corporate technology. This allows us to use cutting-edge digital tools to analyze your company and build the necessary framework for your business to shift towards increased success.

Roeder Consulting is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network. Through our relationship with Microsoft we help clients design, install, and maintain project and portfolio management applications across Microsoft's suite solutions:

  • Microsoft Project (desktop)
  • Microsoft Project Online
  • Microsoft Project Professional
  • Microsoft PPM Cloud-based solutions
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Roeder Consulting is also partnered with leading technology companies developing groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities that can be employed in project management to increase the effectiveness of organizational change.

Having an experienced professional to increase project management maturity is one of the most important factors in achieving sustainable success. Roeder Consulting is an expert focused on client satisfaction and sustainable results. Contact Us for more information or to request a meeting.