A Sixth Sense for Project Management ®

Searching for Something More 

After working in the field of project management consulting for over a decade, Tres Roeder realized that something very important was missing from the industry: the interpersonal aspect of business that brings the relationship between a project manager and an organization to a deeper level. 

Searching for a way to define this intangible yet essential piece of corporate analysis resulted in a framework that would allow project managers to incorporate "people skills" into their evaluation of an organization. Used in tandem with the more technical side of project management, this "Sixth Sense" takes into account not only the numbers and letters on a page but also the culture and preferences of a business. Through this multifaceted approach to overseeing shifts in an organization, Roeder could finally view a company from 360 degrees before beginning to strategize the upcoming change. 

Aspects of The Sixth Sense 

Creating positive interpersonal relationships in business requires more than just good intentions; in order to effectively utilize the Sixth Sense philosophy, a project manager must embody a number of qualities that will help them get to where they need to go. 



By incorporating the Sixth Sense for Project Management philosophy into an overall project management strategy, the leaders of change are setting themselves up to create comprehensive and lasting shifts in an organization. This framework for project stakeholder management will help to smoothen out each stage of corporate change, from the planning stages in the beginning to the very last day spent wrapping up the job.