Executive Mastermind Group

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Chief Project Officer Mastermind Group -- Invitation Only

No individual may have great power without availing him or herself of the MasterMind

- Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich


Technology makes us more connected yet we feel less connected. Roeder Consulting connects top regional project management leaders in our exclusive invitation-only Chief Project Officer's Mastermind Group (CPOMG). Each group includes up to ten members who meet quarterly to:

  • Learn top trends and disruptions in the profession
  • Deep dive into an important topic (you pick it and the group figures it out)
  • Develop life-long relationships with top project and agile leaders

  • Members are carefully selected to create a dynamic and diverse group covering a broad range of industries, company sizes, and experiences. Groups do not include direct competitors.  Operating in over one dozen major U.S. Cities, our mastermind group taps into the collective knowledge and experiences of everyone in the room. Your most difficult business problems will be cracked by the mastermind.


    Our Membership

    CPOMG members leave their egos at the door and are passionate about achieving their personal best as leaders and practitioners. Members commit themselves to excellence at work, at home, and in their community. They work in Fortune 500 firms, midsize firms, and scrappy startups. A majority of our members are PMO Directors leading internal practices that encompass agile and/or waterfall methodologies. All members are involved with executing strategy. Our diverse membership includes:

    + SVP PMO top 15 bank
    + CIO of a large university
    + PMO Director top 5 law firm
    + SVP regional construction firm
    + PMO Director Fortune 500 digital firm
    + PMO Director Global 200 insurance firm
    + SVP Supply Chain top 500 private company
    + PMO Director entrepreneurial marketing firm
    + PMO Director well-known consumer products company
    + Senior Director Project Management at cutting-edge biotech
    + Leader of Cultural Change Programs at top global materials firm
    + VP Project Management rapidly growing real-estate investment firm



    Professional Development
    Focus on continuous improvement as you learn, experiment, and grow.

    Return on Investment
    Achieve a return on your investment of time and dollars. Our thirty-minute topic discussion is a unique opportunity to focus the Mastermind on the precise issue you are wrestling to the ground.
    Targeted Networking
    In addition to in-person meetings members enjoy a private electronic social group to confidentially exchange questions, knowledge, and updates.
    Support Group
    Members have told us participating in CPOMG is like being in their very own support group. You are surrounded by people who "get it". Whatever you are dealing with odds are others in the room have gone through it before.

    The Experience

    There is no other professional development group like CPOMG. The common denominator of everyone in the room is deep experience with, and knowledge of, how to get things done in an organizational setting. CPOMG is one of the best investments a company can make in its financial performance and value delivery. CPOMG is hosted at renowned private clubs across the United States. We provide a first-class, platinum experience from the moment you walk into the club. More details are available for invited candidates.

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    Professional Facilitation

    Roeder Consulting's CPOMG is professionally facilitated. Groups meet four times per year for one day and each and every meeting is led by an expert. All facilitators enjoy over 25 years of project experience. Our leaders include a PMI Fellow who helped create the PMP designation and an accomplished author and TEDx speaker who is one of the leading thinkers in project stakeholder management.

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    Tres Roeder personally interviews all prospective members. Click below to schedule a time on his calendar. CPOMG is only offered in the United States.