Executive Mastermind Group


CPOMG: An Exclusive Opportunity for the Project-Oriented Executive

We believe all organizations should have a senior project executive, and we've helped some of our members achieve that role. Other members are already in senior roles when they join and we help them, and their chain of command, expand their influence and increase their success. These results come from creating a hand-picked mastermind where members have similar goals, but diverse backgrounds. Members help each other achieve these results when combined with Roeder Consulting's professional facilitation and industry-leading insights. You are are interacting with others who are walking in your shoes. You don't need to be a project manager to join, but you do need to be focused on helping your organization achieve results.

Roeder Consulting's Chief Project Officer's Mastermind Group (CPOMG) is unlike any other experience. Its unique approach connects select senior-level members in a professionally-facilitated small group setting. This fosters personal interaction and in-depth professional discussion which in turn yields powerful and productive outcomes. Roeder Consulting, in business since 2001, has worked with top brands, leading not-for-profits, and forward-looking mid-sized companies. We know how to get things done. CPOMG is our marquis program designed to support, nourish, and encourage today's project-oriented leaders on an ongoing basis.

CPOMG — Propelling You Towards the Future

Project success requires forward-thinking adaptable solutions rather than reliance on rigid process methodologies. Our groups connect innovative paradigm breakers looking to implement smart and dynamic approaches. The focus is to meet organizational goals, achieve results and account for the complexities of culture and communications.

Members benefit from:

  • Thought leadership round tables
  • Small group interaction
  • Peer networking across a variety of industries
  • Confidential collaboration in a “safe space”
  • Strategic discussions
  • Problem solving exercises (focused on individual member needs)
  • Professional facilitation

Members — Reimagining Leadership

Members drive change through even higher levels of leadership and influence within their organizations while pushing their organizations forward. CPOMG members understand that there is no one perfect methodology or process. Leaders choose results, people, and accountability over checklists, stiff methodologies and credentials. Our members drive business performance and improve customer experience, employee morale and team collaboration.


"For too long we've watched failure define our industry. It's time to learn from the best to become the best!"
—Duane Peterson (CPOMG Seattle Member)

“There is a huge gap in the Project Management Community in the area of advanced complex strategic program/project management where seasoned battle-scarred professionals can reach out to their peers in an open but confidential setting. CPOMG provides such a forum where issues may be discussed, and possible ideas addressed with other seasoned professionals. If you are leading a group of PMs, managing a PMO or are just looking to fill that professional development void not being serviced by the "ABC" associations, then take a look at the CPOMG as a forum to fill that need.”
—Carl Pro (CPOMG Pittsburgh member)

CPOMG — The Experience

There is no other project-oriented group as select, focused and valuable as CPOMG.

Virtual Small Group Meetings (3 x per year, 6 hour duration)

Held three times per year (June, September, December), we provide a first-class, platinum experience for senior project management leaders like you. In the small group meetings, each member has a minimum of 30 minutes to engage the mastermind in a topic of their choice. Members have the option of attending these meetings in-person at exclusive private clubs, or virtually.

  • Professional Facilitation by accomplished leaders with more than 25 years of project experience
  • Structured Agenda — established topics and defined outcomes
  • Hot Seat — sharpens individual member’s skills and deepens knowledge of the group
  • Nothing is sacred - our members challenge conventional thinking

Annual Conference (12 hours across 2 days)

Held once a year — our newly-expanded national meeting is a powerful addition to the three small group meetings. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for all our members to hear expert speakers, enjoy thought-provoking presentations, and compare perspectives. Members can attend either in-person or virtually.

Monthly Virtual Workshops (8 x per year, 1 hour duration)

Membership check-ins, progress notes and group accountability.

Peer Support

CPOMG is your very own professional support group, surrounded by people who “get it.” Working with peers focused on similar goals results in broad-based motivational support and encouragement.

Executive Briefs

We invest the time and dollars to monitor top global conferences and key PM-, Agile- and Influence-related annual conferences, so you don’t have to. We synthesize the state of the profession by sharing key takeaways that impact your organization.

Private Social Platform

Exchange ideas, solve problems, and network with other members via our secure and private virtual social platform.

CPOMG — Minimal Investment, Maximum Return

  • CPOMG members commit 30-40 hours per year to the program
  • There is no required “homework” between meetings
  • Members pay an all-inclusive quarterly fee of $975 (not-for-profit discounts are available)

Membership by Invitation Only

CPOMG members must be Director-level or above, and must be involved in helping their organization achieve results. CPOMG members are not all project managers, in fact, most are not credentialed. Our members do all have leadership over at least one aspect of project selection, planning, or execution. Sometimes, this leadership requirement is broadly defined as operations, or, in some way, helping their organizations think through how to execute. In other cases, our members are more directly connected to project management, such as PMO Directors. Members are carefully selected through personal interviews by our professional facilitators, followed by approval from local group members. Our members represent a diverse and dynamic mix of leaders covering a broad range of industries, company sizes and experiences. If you believe you qualify, schedule an interview here: