Executive Mastermind Group

Chief Project Officer Mastermind Group -- Invitation Only

No individual may have great power without availing him or herself of the MasterMind

- Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich


Roeder Consulting leverages its extensive network to bring together top regional project management leaders in the exclusive invitation-only Chief Project Officer's Mastermind Group (CPOMG). Membership for each region is limited to ten members who meet quarterly to:

- Learn top trends and disruptions in the profession
- Deep dive into an important problem you need to solve (you pick it and the group figures it out)
- Develop deep relationships with top project management leaders

Members are carefully selected to create a dynamic group that covers a broad range of industries and experiences without including any direct competitors.Ā  CPOMG is not a training program. Training programs emphasize a one-way flow of information from trainer to trainee. In contrast, this mastermind group taps into the collective knowledge and experiences of everyone in the room. Ten people with twenty years of experience means there is 200 years of knowledge the mastermind can access. Your most difficult business problems will be cracked by the mastermind.


The Experience

There is no other professional development group like CPOMG. We bring together different industries, career trajectories, and experiences to create a 360 degree view of each issue presented to the group. The common denominator of everyone in the room is deep experience with, and knowledge of, how to get things done in an organizational setting. Some participants carry project management or agile titles, others do not. All participants bring back value to their organizations that far outstrips their time and dollars invested in CPOMG. The mastermind is one of the best investments a company can make in its future financial performance and value delivery. CPOMG is hosted at renowned private clubs across the country. We provide a first-class, platinum experience from the moment you walk into the club. More details are available for invited candidates.

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Tres Roeder personally interviews all prospective members. If you have been invited to consider CPOMG click below to schedule a time on his calendar.