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Microsoft Project

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Roeder Consulting offers Microsoft Project Online and the cloud-based Microsoft Project Web App. For the same price Microsoft charges for only the license, we will directly provision your licenses and help your team with up to two hours of installation support. If you require additional support we offer competitive packages that will help you use Microsoft Project optimally to your advantage (details below).

Personalized and Affordable Service

Roeder Consulting offers support packages for all user-related and technical questions. We provide better service than Microsoft itself; our support goes far beyond a distant phone call, as we allow you to work with a member of the Roeder Consulting team based in Cleveland, Ohio. No overseas call centers, complex phone trees, or long wait times on the phone. Our cost is much lower too - did you know that a phone call to Microsoft for problem resolution costs $499 per occurrence? Roeder Consulting’s support packages start at just $199. Call us today for help with Microsoft Project Online or the cloud-based Microsoft Project Web App (PWA).