Roeder Consulting has a strong background in high-quality corporate training. We take a holistic approach to instruction, with curricula that engage as many learning styles as possible.

We’ve studied the neurology of learning, and understand that people absorb information best not when they are passively listening, but when they are actively working with it. Not only do we make sure our content is up-to-date, personalized, and valuable, but our training courses include lecturing only when lecturing is necessary. We implement several different teaching strategies in every training session to keep participants actively engaged. 

We specialize in providing onsite corporate training in areas related to the human side of change. Past courses have included:

  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • International Project Management
  • Managing Risks and Complexity in Megaprojects
  • Building Competitive Advantage with Project Management
  • Earning Buy In and Winning Support
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Negotiation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Communicate with Competence and Confidence
  • Dynamic Leadership Skills
  • 360 Awareness and Change
  • Dynamic Leadership Skills for better Project Results
  • Changing Behavior
  • Whole Body Decisions
  • A Sixth Sense for Project Management®

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