Citizen Project Manager Certificate Program New

Do you suddenly find yourself managing a project but you're not sure what that means?  You're not alone.  Citizen Project Manager is THE training experience designed just for you.

Many project management certifications require years of experience and thousands of dollars.  There's a better way.  If you don't have that kind of time and money Roeder Consulting's newest course, developed in 2020, gives you the foundational project skills you need, in just four hours.  Participants will receive a Certificate in Project Management Basics upon completion. 

I found the course to be very practical and was most impressed with the emphasis on interpersonal skills and meaningful stakeholder engagement.

Bill Morrissey, Project ADR, Ireland

Organizational changes that previously took years or months are now occuring in weeks and even days. Business models are turned upside down.  Entire industries need to re-invent themselves quickly.  Knowledgeable project managers are needed more than ever to lead these changes. We created this one-of-a-kind developmental experience to fast track you from beginner to prepared project manager in just four hours.

Upon completion of the half-day experience you'll understand:

  • Teams - accelerate team collaboration and productivity utilizing Roeder Consulting's A Sixth Sense for Project Management®
  • Process - identify and utilize the two main types of projects and get the essential steps and terminology for each.
  • Forms - receive the exact documents you need to get things going
  • Tools - learn the basics, including, where to find free online tools

You'll leave the course ready to immediately deliver project results. Roeder Consulting's unique approach to training is based on the principle of "waste no time".  We scrub every aspect of our program to eliminate anything that is unnecessary or even "nice to have".  Your four-hour training only includes "need to have" information.  When you think about training that way, four hours is, in fact, a lot of time.  With two decades of consulting experience, we know how to make the complicated, simple.  

This is not just another in-person course that's been redesigned into an online environment.  From the beginning, this experience is designed for online delivery. There are numerous and significant differences between in-person and online learning.  We've done both for over a decade and harness our knowledge into this new, invigourating, fast-paced learning experience.  Citizen PM is delivered LIVE via Zoom.  You will see and hear the instructor real time.  You can communicate via chat or microphone. Materials are concise, just like the learning experience.  All course materials are forwarded to you via email. There are no lengthy guide books or dry videos to muddle through.  Only what you need.  

Even though Citizen PM is fast-paced, we know everyone needs a break.  In fact, we learn more when we're fresh.  We built relaxation periods built into the experience to give you time to grab a drink, stretch your legs, and digest the material.  Roeder Consulting has been hosting online training for years.  We achieve maximum impact in minimal time.  


Who should attend?

People who want to learn project management and get up and running quickly.  We welcome participants from ALL types of organizations ... profit, not-for-profit, large, small, and across all industries.  We've found the learning environment is enhanced by inviting a broad range of participants.  Group discounts are available.  Contact us for details.


Your instructor is Tres Roeder, PMP, PMI-ACP, MBA.  A TEDx speaker, Tres is a global expert on project management.  A graduate of the Kellogg School of Management, he is both certified in project management and the author of two international best-selling books, A Sixth Sense for Project Management and Managing Project Stakeholders.  Tres has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, MSN Money, and numerous other publications.  In this new program, he distills decades of experience down to the vital few you need to survive in today's environment.  His training is interactive, fun, and always impactful. Tres enjoys personal time hiking with his family and flying with the Civil Air Patrol. 

Note: A portion of proceeds from Citizen PM are donated to the Civil Air Patrol to assist with Emergency Services

Group discounts are available.  Contact us for details.

Citizen PM rapidly develops individuals in preparation for project management resonsibilities.  Teams are encouraged to attend Citizen PM together, so they have a common set of forms and a common langugage to work together.


Frequently Asked Questions (CPOMG offering only)

Many years of collaborating with top agile and project leaders has shown us that people in this position deal with common issues.  We created CPOMG to help these leaders.  CPOMG builds professional skills, delivers a Return on Investment, provides support and encouragement, and ultimately develops and promotes industry-leading project executives.
Can anyone attend CPOMG?
No.  CPOMG is only available to executives personally invited by Roeder Consulting.  Generally, groups close within several months of initial offering so there is only one opportunity to join.  This means joining later "when things slow down" is not an option.  Further, from what we've seen working with executives, things won't slow down until you make conscious decisions to do so.  We've seen some of our members coach each other through this process.
How often do we meet?
DUE TO COVID-19 ALL 2020 MEETINGS ARE VIRTUAL.  Quarterly.  The first quarter is a national meeting and the other three quarters are regional meetings.  
How much does it cost?
The annual investment is $3900.  Most members select automatic credit card charges of $975 per quarter.  After you intially register by clicking the green button we set up the automatic charges for you.  The investment covers all costs for the venue, meals, and Roeder's professional services fees.  Not-for-profit discounts are available.
How long will each day be?
Our regular schedule is 9am to 3pm.  
What is the cancellation policy?
We hope you stick with this group as your career progresses.  However, you can cancel at any time for any reason.  If you have been charged for upcoming program(s) we will refund the full amount of your investment assuming cancellation is more than 30 days prior to the next scheduled meeting date.  A 50% reimbursement will be issued for cancellations within 30 days.

Can I connect with members in other cities?

Yes.  Members have access to a private LinkedIn group.  Through this group you can connect with members across all CPOMG peer groups and share ideas and information.  Our secure LinkedIn group is not discoverable by search engines and all comments are private.


How many people will be in the group?

Each group has no more than ten members + a facilitator.  There are no direct competitors and no more than one person per company in each group.



Can I spend the night at the club?

For an additional cost, most of the clubs we utilize offer luxury hotel rooms.  Contacts us in advance for options.

Member comments (CPOMG)

  • "Frank dialogue between peers"
  • "Candid feedback is great to hear"
  • "Talking through personal challenges"
  • "Discussion around issues and recommendations"
  • "Meeting folks for networking and support and helping them think through issues"
  • "All the conversations have been great"
  • "Sharing of ideas across all topics"